Expertise in immunohistochemistry and confocal microscopy


Today, antibodies belong to the most effective tools in biomedical research. Thereby, a reproducible specificity is certainly the most outstanding feature of antibodies. LSM Bioanalytik helps the supplier to document the quality of their antibodies. We characterize antibodies immunohistochemically in cell culture and tissue slices. From these samples we generate confocal images by laser scanning microscopy. These images will help the user to define the right antibody for his special problem. In addition, LSM Bioanalytik produces ready-to use probes for fluorescence microscopy. These samples enable the user to recognize the full range of technical applications of confocal laser scanning microscopy more efficiently.

Our service for antibody companies

As a producer and supplier your success is closely connected to your commitment to properly characterized antibodies. Especially in complex applications like immunofluorescence the user needs a reliable reference which helps him to make the right decision-ordering your antibody. LSM Bioanalytik helps you to establish such references.


What kind of antibodies do we characterise?

LSM Bioanalytik is focusing on rat-specific antibodies. We own particular experience in neurobiological and blood vessel-associated marker proteins. But we plan to extend our portfolio to mouse-specific antibodies in near future. For many researchers the question whether a mouse-specific antibody does also work in rats, is highly relevant. By giving an answer to this question LSM Bioanalytik may extend the application range of your so far only mouse-specific antibody.


Reference pictures of your antibody

LSM Bioanalytik tests your antibody through immunofluorescent stainings in cell culture and histological slices. As a cell culture model we typically use cortical primary cultures from rats. Neurobiological and vessel-associated antibodies can be properly tested in frozen sections of the rat brain. We will document the quality of your antibody by confocal images generated by a laser scanning microscope. These images are the final product of characterization of your antibody. By offering these pictures on your website you will demonstrate customers the functionality of your antibody.

Probes for user of confocal laser scanning microscopes

You are intending to enter the fascinating research area of confocal laser scanning microscopy? Or you are already an experienced user but now want to use a new multiphoton microscope? The microscope is delivered and installed. The first instruction has taken place. What you now need for a quick start are suitable probes. Immunohistochemical probes which are stained by more than one fluorochrome. LSM Bioanalytik is providing you with slides containing either cortical primary cultures or brain slices from rats stained by four different fluorochromes for multi-spectral analysis. These samples are the right basis for effectively learning all application modes of your laser scanning microscope.


Contract research

You are working in basic research of academic institutions or pharmaceutical companies and would like to verify your molecular data by immunohistochmical stainings? Or you have got interesting results found in mice and now need a confirmation in another species? LSM Bioanalytik offers you immunohistochemical stainings in the rat. Together with you we develop the right strategy and perform stainings of cortical primary cultures and brain slices from rats. Maybe you have a so far poor characterized marker protein and you are interested in the expression within CNS. Providing the existence of appropriate antibodies LSM Bioanalytik can stain up to three different marker proteins. If required we can also include stainings of blood vessels. If you don´t have your own experience in laser scanning microscopy LSM Bioanalytik in addition to samples will also provide you with confocal images.