Expertise in immunohistochemistry and confocal microscopy

Brain slice 1

Unexpected co-expression of two marker proteins

GFAP positive cells co-express the marker CD8. GFAP positive cells with typical astrocytic morphology unexpectedly bind a CD8-specific antibody, typically staining T-cells. Interestingly, these astrocytes are prevalently found near to brain sites with larger amounts of ongoing cell death. Is CD8 really expressed in these astrocytes and what is its function? Immunohistochemistry always becomes tricky when something unusualness is discovered. But that´s what makes the excitement and potential of this method. The inevitable prerequisite for that are properly characterised antibodies.

NG2 positive processes of a young oligodendrocyte wrap the

The Marker proteins DCX and ßIII-tubulin are expressed in

Multicolour stainings belong to the outstanding options of

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