Expertise in immunohistochemistry and confocal microscopy

About us

LSM Bioanalytik is a young service-company dealing with the characterization of antibodies and the production of probes for the fluorescence microscopy. Our expertise includes immunohistochemical stainings of cell cultures and histological slices. We investigate these samples by confocal laser scanning microscopy. By generating confocal images we test the specificity and quality of antibodies. Using up to three different antibodies we can purchase information about cell specificity, association with blood vessels and co-expression of other marker proteins. Another focus of LSM Bioanalytik is the delivery of ready probes for the user of fluorescence microscopy.

Our philosophy

Modern fluorescence microscopy makes biological processes visible. In combination with classical histology confocal imaging provides insights into physiological and pathological developments, for most of them only indirect data exist. The right chosen mix of antibodies combined with the technical feasibilities of a confocal laser scanning microscope- that´s what makes the success of this fascinating method. To this end our service helps to better characterize antibodies to the benefit of both, antibody companies and customers. With our ready-to-use probes we would like to help users exploring the broad range of technical applications provided by modern laser scanning microscopes.

Characterisation of antibodies

Are you selling commercial antibodies?

We test your antibody. Antibodies can be tested in both, cortical primary cultures and brain slices. From these probes we generate confocal pictures by a laser scanning microscope. These pictures are the quality reference for your antibody.

Contract research

You have got a certain histological question but your expertise is somewhat outside the scope of immunohistochemistry?

Don´t hesitate and contact LSM Bioanalytik. Together we are evaluating, whether LSM Bioanalytik can perform this staining for you. If required, in addition to the ready stained probe we also deliver confocal images.

Probes for fluorescence microscopy

Today modern fluorescence microscopes allow insights in cellular developments which can hardly be achieved by conventional light microscopy. The operation of confocal laser scanning microscopes requires two things: experience and suitable stained probes. Properly stained samples with up to four fluorochromes for multi-spectral analysis you can purchase from us.

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